So it comes to an end....

Well, after nearly 5 years of planning and preparing we have executed RAAM. I wish i had some eloquent way to bring this to closure, but i don't. i keep telling myself if i just wait one more day i'll somehow be able with words to describe the experience myself and 7 of my closest friends and family whet through...but i can't. We went into an amazing battle together and came out the other side better people for it. RAAM has a crazy way of showing you who you really are and how you deal with "life as it happens". While this is my last RAAM as a racer, i look forward to helping others embark on their RAAM adventures as i feel it is an amazing medium for discovering yourself and what lies within you. Until we meet again somewhere down the road....bp


A Few Final Thoughts...and Images

Over the next few days i'll complete my(and crew's) picture download here: RAAM Pictures
I'm still trying to decipher exactly what we went through and what happened...but stay tuned for a recap.
Also, Tuesday July 28th, I'm going to do a "RAAM recap presentation" at Now Bikes in St. Paul. We are doing a short ride at 6pm, then beer and cheese "Sconnie style"to accompany the talk. Good pics, videos and stories are a guarantee.
Finally, I want to say that i am so grateful for all the good thoughts and support everyone sent throughout. We needed everyone of those positive thoughts and comments left here to get through. I can't tell you how many times i was ready to mentally fail...only to be saved by a well wish read to me by the crew from the website. Your support meant the world.



Well, we made it home...what an epic adventure. I'll try and put some closing thoughts together, along with an online album of pics for everyone to recount the adventure. Thanks so much to Matt, my crew and all of you who helped will me across the us...not possible without the support of you all. Off to bed. ben



Sorry for the lack of posts the last day--family obligations. But I wanted to let you know, BEN FINISHED. Solo RAAM rookie finisher, 2009.

It's an absolutely amazing accomplishment. So raise your glasses...he's done. Safely.



Less Than 300 Miles To Go!

This will be a much welcomed sight. Annapolis, MD.


Cougar Sighting

Live from the mountains of West Va. Miller lite, Whitesnake cassettes and Marb lights were discovered at the scene. Crue snapped a pic.

Day 10

Entering Ohio at Sunrise...

Location: Blanchester, Ohio
Conditions: 78F, mostly cloudy, winds from the WNW @ 9
Miles covered: 2,458
Miles remaining: 563
Food for thought: In ancient Japan, public contests were held to see who in a town could fart the loudest and longest. Winners were awarded many prizes and received great recognition.

Long, straight Midwestern roads suck. Especially if they're poorly maintained and have lots of traffic. That was the sentiment from both rider and Crue after yesterday's jaunt through Indiana--according to TP member Peter A.

Today is Ohio. And things are looking better.

I got to talk to Peter this morning--Fairbanks was preening--and everyone is feeling the effects of limited sleep. However, the end is in sight and that's energizing Ben. Physically, his body is holding up well and there haven't been any major issues. It's just the sleep factor that's compounding. Ben is especially tired in the mornings and the Crue has to use Ninja mind tricks to un-groggy his mind and motivate him.

Ben is excited to enter the mountains of West Virginia, mostly for the varying terrain. He seems to thrive in hillier terrain versus the flat-ass plains. Right now, TP's plan is to push ahead to the W.V. foothills tonight and then bed down.

That's all for now.